New products

newScale Request Center 9.3

I have spent the last year working with a product called newScale Request Center. This is a service catalogue product that is used to present various service offerings to clients for self-service consumption. Earlier this year they were bought out by Cisco and this product has now been rebadged as Cisco Portal.

Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator 2

Another product that I have spent the past year working with is Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator. This is a workflow automation engine that allows for complex workflows to be mapped out, automated, and then, in our environment, combined with the newScale Request Center product for customers to order. This can be simple things like provisioning a virtual machine into a virtualised environment, or as complex as provisioning a complete application stack using bare metal provisioning.


Both the products above combine to create the Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud stack. Combined with an appropriate compute and virtualisation layer (Cisco UCS, VMware vSphere in our case), it gives a very powerful building block to use in the cloud arena.


Cisco UCS